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All of our products are produced in house and this enables us to ensure everything on our shelves are absolute masterpieces. Anytime a new product is introduced, it goes through rigorous testing phases where we test for quality and consistency over the course of 1-2 years. If it does not live up to our standards we immediately eliminate it and move on. All of our flagship strains went through multiple rounds of flowering with many other phenos until we were able to select our winners. The champions are usually put through a few more rounds of flowering before we’re confident enough to put it on our shelves.


A few years ago in Los Angeles California, the Jungle Boys rocked the cannabis landscape by introducing a strain now known as Wedding Cake (bred by Seed Junky). Highly regarded for it’s sweet vanilla, pine, and lemon terpenes packed along with it’s consistently high THC levels, it has cemented itself as one of the most sought after strains in the world. Meanwhile in Kauai Hawaii, Supernova Gardens introduced the world to Purple Punch, another strain that is well known for it’s sweet berry terpenes and astonishing trichome laden appearance. These two strains dominated the decade and their destinies were forever intertwined when Symbiotic Genetics took their Purple Punch F2 male and crossed it with the Jungle Boys’ Wedding Cake clone. This exquisite marriage gave birth to our flagship strain, Wedding Crasher.


Purple punchsicle

In the year 2013, Supernova Gardens of 808 Genetics took two legendary indicas(Graddaddy Purple x Larry OG) and bred them together to form the most aestically appealing strain of all time, Purple Punch. Not long after Budologist420 from Symbiotic Genetics visited Supernova Gardens in Kauai, Hawaii and was gifted the original Purple Punch clone along with some Purple Punch seeds. Symbiotic Genetics then selected a male from the seed pack and used it to pollinate the original Purple Punch clone. From those offsprings, they selected an F2 male and used it to once again pollinate the original Purple Punch clone. This gave birth to a stronger and more potent version, Purple Punch 2.0. The strain was later renamed Purple Punchsicle by the Jungle Boys.