Our Mission

We aim to provide the Canadian public with the best quality, consistency, and customer service for all cannabis related products. We bring you the most exotic strains at the absolute highest quality. All of our products are backed by lab testing which we make public so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Driven by our beautiful community, we have dedicated a support line that is online most hours and will be able to respond to inquiries lightning fast.

Masters of the Craft

We are dedicated to bringing Canadians the rarest and most exotic strains that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. We take pride in our craft and we’re constantly searching for new flavours to bring to our stable. Our long and tedious pheno selection process takes well over a year and sometimes may even take up to two years before we are confident enough to release it to the public. This ensures each strain we release is an absolute masterpiece excelling in being the most beautiful, aromatic, and strongest of it’s kind.


We are trailblazing the way for future cannapreneurs by setting an unprecedented standard that has been long overdue. In the current world of mishandled cannabis, users are desperately looking for a community driven leader. We plan the fill that role. By putting quality and community first before profits, we’ve equipped ourselves with the ability to push the current boundaries into uncharted territory. Unrestricted by fear of loss or fear of failure, our team plans to go full throttle to discover new potentials this astounding plant has to offer.