Slurricane is a jaw dropping frosted cross between Dosidos by Archive Seeds and the original Purple Punch by Supernova Gardens. Utilizing the ultra potent and frosty Dosidos and crossing it with the already ridiculously visually appealing Purple Punch gave birth to this absolute frost monster. The aesthetics of this buds are completely out of this world with heavy trichome coverage, you’ll barely even be able to see the actual bud matter. It was a no brainer why this strain was able to gain prominence so quickly within the cannabis industry. Crushing the buds you’ll find small hints of sweet berries with a combination of minty cookies and gas. All of this translates well into the taste of this strain with sweet cookies and gas on the inhale perfectly complimented by minty berries on the exhale. The intoxicatingly beautiful mixture of terpenes can leave you addicted to just the aromas itself.

We popped 25 seeds of Slurricane and tested it over the course of 2 years. It came down to 4 phenos that were all low yielding. Originally we were going to put this strain in the vault because of it’s very low yield and smaller buds but then we decided that yield and smaller buds shouldn’t matter in the case of choosing any strain as our number one priority is always quality. With that said, we tested all 4 phenotypes over the course of 2 years while slowly eliminating a pheno every round or two depending on a wide variety of factors. We were eventually able to find our champion pheno that was able to deliver on all desirable qualities in Slurricane #8. The effects of this pheno are best described as getting hit with flurries of hurricanes that may leave you slurring your words which fittingly suits it’s name, Slurricane.

Genetics: Dosidos x Purple Punch
80% Indica / 20% Sativa