pHinest Cannabis and Cannarado Genetics had some curiosity as to what it would be like for a strain to have the the trichome structure and hints of grape from Lava Cake combined with the major gas from Dosidos. This gave birth to the amazingly nutty Peanut Butter Soufflé. The first impressions upon opening a package of PB Soufflé are the overwhelming aromas of gas and creamy peanut butter. There are hints of grape and cake batter but they’re farily faint. Aesthetically the buds are a mixture of light green and purple coated with a nice layer of trichomes and fiery brown hairs. With it’s thick resinous content it might be a little difficult to crush up the buds but it’s well worth it as the terpenes translate perfectly well into the taste. Each puff delivers powerful creamy peanut butter flavours with a robustly sedating high that would be ideal for relaxation and insomnia.

From 26 seeds of PB Soufflé we were able to narrow it down to 2 phenos which were then tested multiple times throughout the course of 2019. Both phenos tested similar THC levels but exuded different qualities. One excelled astoundingly in aesthetics but were muted in terpenes while the other had a distinctively intense fragrance. We ultimately decided to go with the latter because for us, it’s all about the terpenes.

Genetics: Dosidos x Lava Cake
90% Indica / 10% Sativa
28.38% THC / 0.08% CBD / 33.59% Total Cannabinoids