Upon opening a bag of Wedding Crasher you’ll find yourself bathing in the sweet scents of vanilla and tangyness. Crushing up the buds will give you subtle hints of sweet berry and gas notes. Visually the buds are very dark purple (almost blackish) with small leaves of neon green and orange hairs. Each bud is completely enveloped in trichomes, a trait no doubtedly inherited from it’s Purple Punch lineage. The taste is similar to eating a tangy cake on the inhale and sweet berries on the exhale. By taking the stunning aesthetics from Purple Punch and combining it with the amazing terpene and THC content of Wedding Cake, our Wedding Crasher absolutely dominates in every single category.

From 22 seeds of Wedding Crasher, we narrowed it down to 5 phenos, which were then put through the testing phase 4 more times as we eliminated a pheno each round until we were left with our champion. The total process took a year and a half but it was all worth it as our Wedding Crasher went on to break multiple records in it’s lab test results. Clocking in extremely high numbers with 33.61% total THC, 1.04% CBD, and a staggering 36.15% total cannabinoids. These numbers are not only impressive but are only achieved by 1% of buds worldwide. Wedding Crasher is an absolute knock-out and is sure to leave even the heaviest users crashing.

Using this strain will leave you heavily medicated and should be used with extra caution during the day time. Night time use is highly recommended.

Genetics: Wedding Cake x Purple Punch F2
70% Indica / 30% Sativa
33.61% THC / 1.04% CBD / 36.15% Total Cannabinoids